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5 Surprising Facts About a Woman’s Body!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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1. Stronger immune systems

A woman’s body has stronger immune system and is better at fighting off infections as compared to a man’s body. It has been suggested that this occurrence is due to the evolutionary of a woman’s body in giving birth and caring for her offspring.

2. Growth of a uterus (orange to watermelon!)

During pregnancy, a uterus starts of the size of an orange. It gradually increases in size to a size of a watermelon. The force from a uterus when experiencing a contraction is equivalent to around 180kg of pressure per square foot.

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3. Better muscle endurance

While men generally have more strength as compared to women, women have better muscle endurance. Studies have shown that women were able to last 75% longer than men in stamina-related exercises.

4. Structurally made for better flexibility

There is more elastin (protein which allows our muscles, organs, and skin to stretch) in female muscles and tendons. As such, women are more flexible in general. In addition, women have a more flexible lower spine, with an extra vertebra as compared to men. This allows for better flexibility in a woman’s body.

5. Better memory

Studies have shown that women have better and stronger memory skills as compared to men. The memory skills include remembering information, things and even faces!

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