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Is Pregnancy Glow a Myth?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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We’ve heard of it. Some may have experienced the glowy skin during pregnancy. Unfortunately, pregnancy glow does not happen to everyone & it is not because of one’s “lack of happiness” of being pregnant. One may just have a different body reaction when pregnant. Some may also get pregnancy mask or acne.

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There are multiple reasons that can create a pregnancy glow.

1. Hormonal Changes

More hormones are produced during pregnancy. These hormones may brighten your skin and/or make your skin look flushed which creates the glow.

2. Skin Stretching

With a little one growing in you, your skin will naturally stretch to accommodate the growth. Skin stretching may also cause the radiant glow.

3. Hot Flashes

With the additional weight and hormonal fluctuations, your body will naturally have hot flashes as your body temperature increases. This increase in body temperature may be the cause of the pregnancy glow.

4. Increased Blood Flow

As your little one grows inside of you, they require blood. As such, your body naturally will produce more blood to support the growth of your little one. This increase in blood flow may cause your pregnancy glow as it makes your skin brighter with a reddish tinge.

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You are not any less of a mother/woman if you do/did not have a pregnancy glow. Although pregnancy glow is not a myth, your body’s reaction to your pregnancy is perfectly okay even if you do not get the glow.

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