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Motherhood: A Reborn Woman

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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Once a person has entered motherhood, they will find that their life has changed 180 degrees. Priorities change. Issues are different in different stages of the little one. Life pre-motherhood is so different as compared to a life of motherhood.

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From being career minded pre-motherhood, one’s mind may just revolve around their little one now.

From taking the time and enjoying meals pre-motherhood, one might find getting a meal a chore now.

From being able to sleep peacefully and deeply pre-motherhood, one may not have a good night sleep due to the brain constantly being on alert for the little one now.

From being concerned about the tidiness of the house pre-motherhood, one might be more concerned in ensuring that their little one is engaged now.

From putting in the effort to dress well pre-motherhood, one might not be as bothered about it now.

There are so many new things to learn and experience all because of motherhood. Though the time may feel slow and draining now, the time will past by so fast that you’ll look back into these moments when the little one has grown.

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Life is indeed unimaginable without the little one. Being a reborn woman is tiring, chaotic and demanding but what a magnificent journey motherhood is.

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