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Eat Your Salmon!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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Eat Your Salmon!

Eating for 2 may be a myth but your body still requires proper food and nutrition intake. This is very important to ensure that you are receiving the recommended amount of nutrients for your body needs. One of the foods that we highly recommend for you to consume is SALMON.

In addition to being delicious, salmon is an amazing superfood packed with a lot of benefits. Here are 3 of the benefits!

1. Omega-3 Healthy Fats

Omega-3s is crucial in your diet as it may help to reduce inflammation through your body. On top of that, studies have shown that it can help in reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. It can also lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

2. High Protein = Feel fuller for a longer period

Let’s be honest, Ladies. How many of us crave for snacks some time throughout the day (and eventually caving in)? Is it just me or can the mouth feel lonely?

Consumption of high protein such as salmon can help say goodbye to snack cravings. High protein salmon can help control appetite to make you feel fuller for a longer period. It can also increase your metabolic rate and is essential for muscle growth and repair.

3. An excellent source of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps in keeping your nerve and blood cells healthy. Keeping a healthy red blood cell count is important to keep you away from feeling anemic. Feeling alert and strong is always better than feeling tired and weak.

There are many ways to eat your salmon. From serving as grilled to steamed and even raw, you will never get bored of eating this superfood!

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