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Dear Mummies: 5 Tips to Counter Stretch Marks!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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Stretch marks - a common reality for most women. Prevention efforts could have be done tirelessly and yet stretch marks may still appear. 😞 Stretch marks happens when the tissue under the skin is stretched and loses its elasticity which results in tiny skin tears. Most stretch marks wont disappear, but they may fade if efforts are put in place early!

Here are 5 tips to counter stretch marks!

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1. Oil Massage

Using oil to massage the affected areas is a way to increase the blood flow around that area. It is best to use oils with natural ingredients as they do have their own benefits which may transfer onto your skin.

2. Eat & Drink Well

This goes without saying that keeping a healthy diet is crucial during your postpartum period. The saying - "You Are What You Eat" - does have some truth to it! The nutrients (or lack of) that you consume will affect your healing process. Listen to your body and give the nutrients that it needs.

3. Exercise

Exercise is important to expedite the healing process by strengthening the muscles. By doing so, it will tighten the loose skin. Find simple exercises that targets your affected areas. Simple exercises that can be done daily is better than tough exercises that may discourage you in the long run! Consistency is key.

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4. Relax

Stressing out about stretch marks (or anything in general) will trigger your body to release hormones that may slow down your healing process. It is much easier said than done but it is important to do things that relaxes you. This varies for individuals. It may be going for a walk, baking, reading a book, etc. Whatever relaxes you, do it!

5. Patience!

Just as bruises are allowed the time to heal, stretch marks should be allowed the time too. Healing will not happen immediately. Have patience and give the stretch marks time to heal.

You do not have to put too much pressure on yourself to ensure the disappearance of stretch marks. The way we see it, stretch marks tells a story of a time period when you were going through an amazing life experience. Embracing the scars may just be the way to self love. We do need to be kinder to ourselves. 💛

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