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Lower Body

Slimming Services

Our slimming services include BodySculpt, Fat Freezing, DreamSculpt and LipoLaser. Remember, we plan your treatment packages and plans with YOUR body and YOUR slimming goals in mind. Do drop by for a complimentary consultation and assessment today!


BodySculpt Treatment

Bodysculpt is a non-invasive form of fat reduction. Treatment starts with eliminating fat cells by blasting fat cells underneath your subcutaneous layer.


See results in just ONE session!


DreamSculpt Treatment

DreamSculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). The result is targeted muscle contractions in your preferred treatment area. This process helps to sculpt and tone your body while burning fat without exercise - Yay!

Fat Freezing

Fat Freezeing Treatment

Fat freeze is a non-invasive treatment worked through a cooling technology which eliminates specific areas of stubborn fat in your body via cryolipolysis. It cools your fat to a temperaure and destroys it, leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed.

Lipo Lasers

Lipo Laser Treatment

Lipolaser is a painless procedure that uses laser technology that penetrates down to the fat cells and shrink them - including the fatty acids, glycerol and water therein. This is then flushed out through your body naturally through lymphathic system or burned for energy!

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