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You Might Be Unconsciously Sabotaging Your Postpartum Recovery

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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If being reborn into a new mother is not hard enough already, your mind may trick yourself to have unrealistic expectations about your recovery during postpartum. Some of these expectations may not materialize which may cause you to feel frustrated with the slow recovery progress. This may push you to do things that may be sabotaging your postpartum recovery.

Exercising too soon

Although it is recommended to wait roughly 6 weeks before you start to exercise, some may require more time to rest, relax and recover. Doing extensive exercises before your body is ready may have the opposite effect that you want. We recommend starting small and gradually increasing the intensity.

Not taking care of your diet

When we mention diet, we don’t mean starving yourself. It is highly recommended for mothers to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Eating too little or too much or having a diet that consist mostly of processed food may delay your healing.

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Being a supermom

Wanting to do everything may be the result of you trying to take control every step of the way in a world that feels too overwhelming at times, especially during postpartum. The true supermom is one who can delegate duties, being the true boss. Do not attempt to do everything yourself as you require the rest! You do not need added pressure to ensure everything is in place.

Not prioritizing self-care

If 100% of your attention has been dedicated to your little one, you may need to take a small step back. Give some attention to yourself to enjoy some self-care. It may not be a big event but doing an activity that you like for 20 to 30 minutes daily may be the big break you need for yourself. It is crucial to take some time for yourself to feel refreshed and sane. Your little one will thank you too!

postpartum, recovery, self-care, important, time

The key is to listen to your body to ensure that you are on the right track to recover. After all, postpartum recovery journey is unique to each own. You’re doing your best to cope physically, mentally, and emotionally daily. Do not be afraid to seek help from your loved ones and/or professionals.

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