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20,000 sit ups

in 30 minutes!

DreamSculpt: How does it work?

DreamSculpt is a brand new slimming technology solution that uses High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) energy. Contractions will occur on the targeted area which works the muscles, reaping the benefits of a hard work-out but without breaking a sweat! 

The end result? Toned body, reduced fat, and increased muscle definition - all customised and done according to YOUR preferred body area and goals!

Toned Body, No Exercise

Where can it be done?

Treatment areas include tummy/abdomen area, arms, legs, as well as butt where you can get a lifted and perkier butt!


What is the experience like?

The treatment begins with an initial consultation with our experienced therapist to understand the targeted area and your body goals and concerns. 

From there, our therapists will formulate a treatment plan to best combat these stubborn fats!

The targeted area will be cleansed and an applicator will be placed where the treatment will commence. Treatment will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of areas. We are able to target more than 2 areas of body concerns at one go! There will be slight discomfort as your muscles contract, but rest assured our therapists will pace the treatment according to your comfort level. 

After 30 minutes, a massage will be provided on the targeted area.

Upon completion of treatment, there will be little to no downtime generally, but a slight ache on the targeted area might be experienced as it simulates the muscle ache similar to the aftermath of a work out.

Lose Weight No Surgery

Benefits of DreamSculpt

  • Quick and long term results!

  • Effective - double the results but half the effort.

  • A toned and firm look for your tummy - depending on your body goals!

  • A lifted, perkier butts and glutes

  • No butterfly arms - toned and lean arms

  • Firmer and tone thighs

  • Customised treatment with results tracked

  • No pain, non-invasive - great alternative to surgery!

  • No downtime

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